Composition: made from high grade Killed Mild Steel
Dimensions: 375mm x 295mm x 295mm
Capacity: 17l
Weight: 28kg
Output: 44KW, 150,000 BTU/hr
Maximum pressure: Unique SQUARE pressure vessel approved to 3 barType your paragraph here.


The Magic Heating Box has been independently tested by experts at Trinity College Dublin University
Won Silver at the World International Inventions Fair in Geneva
Fully patented (EP1264146)
Manufactured to ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 specifications
TUV approved manufacturing and design processType your paragraph here.

The Magic Heating Box is a new technology that fits onto retro-fit systems (Gas, Oil, LPG, Modern Condensing Boilers etc). It is essentially a central heating management system that constantly increases the efficiency of your heating system and therefore reduces the amount of energy required to heat your property and therefore saves you money!

The manufacturers claim that: “The Magic Heating Box will reduce your heating bills by 30% in a standard radiator centrally heated house.”paragraph here.

Central Heating Management System

What Does it do?

  • Eliminates thermal shock by blending the heated water before it enters the system, removing inefficiencies which leads to the familiar cracking noises, pump resistances, poor flow rate and higher fuel bills
  • Eliminates pump cavitation, which will increase the average flow of water passing through a radiator by 70%
  • Removes air from the central heating system at the point of entry, eliminating air locks in the pipework and the need to bleed radiators, prolonging the life of the entire central heating system.
  • No more balancing of radiators. With the the Magic Heating Box in place all lock shield valves are left fully open
  • By heating the top and bottom of the radiators more uniformly, they produce more powerful radiant heat
  • Reduces your boiler temperature from an average 75°C-85°C to 60°C

Installation is easy and can take place in 1 or 2 days! It can also be retro-fitted onto most central heating systems

Enjoy up 30% savings off your heating bills